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Gauges and measures for calibration

It’s well understood how United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, and quality of calibrations and measurements. CoMech have been operating under UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 for many years.

Our laboratories have been rigorously assessed to ensure they meet this internationally recognised standard for competence, impartiality, and performance. Our team comply with the standards set under ISO/IEC 17025 which specifies the quality management system. CoMech provide calibrations that are performed using proper methods, equipment, and traceable reference standards.

Traceability is key, as an accredited laboratory CoMech’s calibration results provided to our customers in the rail and aviation industries can be linked back to a known and reliable reference which enhances the reliability and comparability of measurements. Traceable back to National Physical Laboratory (an unbroken chain of calibration).

Bench with calibration tools

On track

CoMech have recently undergone UKAS’s annual surveillance and passed due to our stringent processes and procedures here in our calibration laboratories.

UKAS accreditation involves rigorous assessments, including proficiency testing, inter-laboratory comparisons, and regular audits. This continuous evaluation process helps identify and address any continual improvement in processes and procdures, leading to improved quality assurance and overall performance.

Temperature controlled laboratories are known to reduce the risk of having results impacted by variations, having the consistency from the CoMech labs gives the reassurance that every calibration completed minimise effects of temperature fluctuations in our buildings.

Our highly experienced team of technicians must first undergo stringent internal training and then complete regular competency testing. Here at CoMech Interpersonal and inter lab testing where the team are comparing measuring equipment with other labs to make sure compliance. And further to that comparing results across different employees to ensure standards are met. All of this gives client extra reassurance that we’re doing things in a highly controlled manner to give the very best in calibration.

Calibration for industries

Accurate measurements are essential in various industries such as rail, aaviation, food and drink manufacturing, healthcare, and research. Inaccurate measurements can lead to product defects, compliance issues, and increased costs. UKAS-accredited calibrations help mitigate these risks by providing reliable and high-quality measurement results.

Anyone can complete calibration however using a UKAS accredited calibration service can give you the competitive advantage to succeed. Simply because you are demonstrating your commitment to quality and assurance plus it shows a dedication to producing quality and reliable products yourself.

In some industries, regulatory bodies require that measurements and calibrations be performed by accredited laboratories to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. UKAS accreditation can help organisations meet these regulatory requirements.

Calibration equipment with screen

Committed to improvements continuously

As a UKAS-accredited laboratory we are committed to continuous improvement. Regular assessments and audits encourage our team to be committed to continuous improvement and to identify areas for enhancement and new idea generation by the team.

UKAS accreditation for calibrations offers numerous benefits, including enhanced credibility, international recognition, compliance with standards, measurement traceability, quality assurance, risk reduction, and competitive advantage. It’s a way to ensure that calibration results are accurate, reliable, and aligned with internationally recognized best practices.

From CoMech’s perspective UKAS instils confidence in the accurate calibration results provided by our team. Read our current UKAS scope here 0318Calibration Multiple ( and keep your eyes peeled for our next announcement on this topic!

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