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Crucial regulations for safety and performance in the aerospace industry are always advancing.

CoMech offers solutions to keep companies on track and ensure essential regulations are met.

  • Preventative maintenance to avoid reactive solutions
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  • Tracking software for audit compliance
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Equipment challenges

For the safety, performance, and accuracy of a range of equipment on planes, tooling used to maintain aircraft and kit to manufacture items for the aviation usage calibration is essential.

Avionic instruments including altimeters, airspeed indicators, attitude indicators, heading indicators, and navigation equipment like GPS receivers and radio communication systems must be calibrated.

Engine monitoring systems with sensors and instruments that monitor engine performance, such as fuel flow meters, exhaust gas temperature probes, and engine pressure indicators, require calibration.

Altitude and air data system including pitot-static systems, which measure air pressure and velocity for altitude and airspeed calculations must be calibrated.

Aircraft weight and balance systems requires load cells and sensors that are used to determine the distribution of weight on the aircraft and these need to be very accurate.

Fuel quantity indicators and sensors require calibration to provide accurate information about the amount of fuel on board.

Instruments that monitor cabin pressure, temperature, and humidity need calibration to maintain passenger comfort and safety during flight.

The test equipment used by aircraft maintenance personnel, including pressure gauges, torque wrenches, and electronic test equipment, should be regularly calibrated to maintain their accuracy.

Any tooling, such as torque wrenches, used by aircraft manufacturers, seating manufacturers or ancillary equipment like the ovens used to keep inflight dinners warm need to have their tooling calibrated to ensure accuracy during the manufacturing process.


Equipment care

Regular calibration of aircraft instruments ensures accurate readings, which are crucial for a safe and efficient flight. Monitoring systems require calibration to maintain accurate data for engine health and performance analysis.

Our current customer base sends a range of equipment into our UKAS laboratories for their calibration. They can see the status of their calibration through our dedicated tracking system (TrackRecordPro) and outcomes with certificates on the system and sent over to the nominated responsible person.

CoMech offer a collection and delivery service with our vans being on the road 5 days a week should you require logistical support. Our goods in team are very effective with accurate asset management and understand the delicacy of the equipment our airline customers send into our labs. Care is given to aircraft equipment at every stage of the calibration process.

For airline operators CoMech provide an onsite service to UKAS standard or for traceable for when the aircraft is down for it’s usual maintenance period. This ensures operators can be back flying with confidence from calibrations.

To talk to our technical team for the aviation sector drop the marketing team an email (marketing@comech.co.uk) and we’ll arrange a conversation for you.

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Our reputation for quality and trust has led us to supply some of the nation’s biggest brands

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Why choose CoMech?

Based in the East Midlands, CoMech provides businesses across the country with UKAS calibration requirements. Working with the rail, aviation, food & beverage, manufacturing and engineering sectors CoMech are trusted by national brands for a very speedy turnaround, with asset management and turnkey calibration solutions. 

Our purpose built laboratories and our processes are accredited to UKAS ISO 17025:2017 and the team works in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 processes. Our engineers understand how to calibrate and even repair safety critical equipment that must comply to various legislation. CoMech has been trusted by the UK transportation industry since 1985 with our metrology services. 

When we make a promise for how long your equipment will be with us our entire team are dedicated to fulfilling that promise.

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Offices CoMech Metrology Services Calibration Derby East Midlands Pride Park

Specialists in calibration

We provide verification, calibration and precision measurement services within our custom-built ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories.

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The Calibration Professionals


Our calibration services can be accessed via our onsite service or by sending your equipment into our laboratories.

Calibration Services
Offices CoMech Metrology Services Calibration Derby East Midlands Pride Park

Coming to you

To minimise downtime and transportation costs our engineers can come onsite to complete the measurement services you require.
On-Site Services
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Managing your assets


CoMech provide customers with a free app and access to software to help with full asset management for your calibrations.

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