CoMech Metrology provides high quality services and equipment to well known names across the entire rail industry. Everyone at CoMech is highly skilled in their area of expertise, which ensures we can always satisfy your requirements.

As part of our service we can develop our own in-house bespoke solutions to provide to our customers. Our bespoke solutions are drawn from our extensive portfolio of skills in calibration, gauging, information technology, asset management, repairs, retail and design.

CoMech metrology provides services to a wide range of different customers, from large multinationals through to SMEs, and we can provide delivery and collection windows to suit you. Our in-house software solutions monitor your equipment at all times, ensuring the best of service from the minute your asset leaves your business to the point where it returns to your business.

Please contact us using the links at the top of this site and we will be happy to discuss our solutions with you in person.