The lightweight and portable MiniProf Wheel instrument can precisely calculate cross-sectional wheel profile measurements for analysing wheel wear. Bluetooth and cabled connectivity options make this unit the ultimate choice for using with various types of wheels.

What does it measure?

  • Wheel profile
  • Wheel diameter
  • Wheel wear

Magnetically attach the instrument to the backside of the selected wheel to calculate flange and taperline diameters in one straightforward measurement.

Wheel profile and diameter measurements are performed in a single sweep of the magnetic wheel in less than five seconds, while taking less than five minutes to measure an entire railroad car. It can also calculate Sd, Sh and qR values of wheels instantly. Various other calculations such as wheel alignments are possible, thanks to the Envision software. The software visualises and calculates residuals within given areas without difficulty. These measurements can subsequently be compared and analysed before being exported in various formats for reporting.

The MiniProf Wheel instrument is also suitable for wheel reprofiling. It provides support throughout the whole process to help determine when to reprofile and how much material needs to be removed during the process. This ultimately results in the increased life of the rolling stock, thanks to the unmatched accuracy the MiniProf Wheel provides.

Accuracy is better than ±9 µm with a repeatability of ±2.5 µm.

To measure smaller wheels for tramway vehicles, opt for the MiniProf Lightrail Wheel instrument.

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