Rolling stock and track are accurately measured with the MiniProf TwinHead instrument. It is capable of measuring left and right profiles simultaneously to distinguish relationships between the two sides. It is also imperative for analysing rolling stock using conicity studies.

The unit operates with the two measuring heads sitting on a fixed beam to measure the two profiles one by one in a consecutive order. Each profile measurement is executed as by the single-head system. Furthermore, the measurements are stored on a computer and are easily accessible to analyse together or separately via the Envision software.

Superior accuracy is provided with an aim for the unit to be an integral part of any wheel and rail interaction study or measurement.

Envision software comes as standard with the MiniProf TwinHead, alongside extra TwinHead and MiniProf Contact packages for additional detailed analysis.

Accuracy is better than ±11 µm with a repeatability of ±2.5 µm.

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