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FeverVision is a module which combines fever temperature detection with hand sanitisation to help ensure a safe environment for all personnel within a business.

The modules are extremely easy to operate, with their completely contactless method. Individuals stand up to 70cm from the FeverVision module while their body temperature is being read by a medically-approvedĀ infrared camera. The user's body temperature is taken quickly, and results are provided on-screen. While their temperature is being recorded, users can use the built-in hand sanitisation unit to thoroughly clean their hands.

Accuracy for detecting fevers is always ensured with automatic and regular calibrations. Installation is simple, as they are ready to use straight away.

The FeverVision modules have been developed to support, for example, retailers, businesses, and institutions when measuring fever for visitors. Prepare yourself and your company for a safer future!

More information can be found by watching the official FeverVision video below. For additional technical information or a quotation, please get in contact with our Customer Services team on

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