Fully Accredited Electrical Calibration Services

The CoMech electrical calibration team can ensure that your electrical equipment is functioning correctly and complying with all manufacturer standards. Our team of technicians will perform your electrical calibration in our UKAS accredited calibration lab.

Once calibrated, we will send your equipment back to your designated address.

During the calibration process, the CoMech team may find errors with your electrical equipment. At this point, a member of the CoMech team will then be in contact with you as quickly as possible to inform you of these faults and to decide with you, if you would like CoMech to repair the equipment or advise on a replacement.

If you would like to proceed with a repair, we can then repair the faults, calibrate your device, issue a certificate of calibration and send the equipment back to you ready to use.

We can calibrate the following items:

  • Ammeters, ac
  • Ammeters, clamp-on
  • Ammeters, dc
  • Amplifiers, lf
  • Attenuators, dc
  • Attenuators, lf
  • Bridges and similar instruments, resistance
  • Calibrators, multimeter
  • Current clamps, dc
  • Current clamps, lf
  • Current shunts
  • Dividers, high voltage ac
  • Dividers, high voltage dc
  • Inductors
  • Insulation testers
  • Loop testers
  • Multimeters, analogue
  • Multimeters, digital
  • Oscilloscopes, deflection coefficients only
  • Portable appliance testers
  • Power supply units
  • RCD testers
  • Resistance boxes
  • Resistance meters
  • Resistors, dc
  • Resistors, high voltage
  • Shunts
  • Voltage dividers and volt ratio boxes, dc
  • Voltage measurement standards, ac
  • Voltmeters, ac
  • Voltmeters, dc
  • Voltmeters, high voltage ac
  • Voltmeters, high voltage dc

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