Calibration of measuring equipment

The CoMech research and development laboratories provide a wide range of services, including;

  • Calibration of measuring equipment:
    • CoMech provides verification, calibration, and precision measurement services in a custom-built ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories.
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    • Our comprehensive range of support includes electrical, mechanical and physical measurement equipment. Mechanical, electrical, pressure, torque, temperature, time and dimensional co-ordinate measurement form the core of the services we provide.
    • We also provide specialist services related to measurement such as:
  • High voltage electrical calibration including crimp testing, ammeters and gas detectors
  • Mechanical calibration including micrometres and length bars
  • Pressure gauge calibration
  • Temperature calibration
  • Torque calibration
  • Component calibration
  • Instrument calibration
  • Dimensional measurement & inspection of artefacts, parts and products (CMM, optical, laser tracker)
  • Load and mass verification
  • On-site calibration of equipment
  • Strain gauge installation, test measurement
  • Force gauges.