Night At The Races

Posted on 24th August 2017

The CoMech team enjoyed a great night of dog racing to celebrate the retirement of Bob who has been with us for 15 years! In his honour (as he loves his greyhounds) we headed to the Dogs for a night of fun betting with a fantastic 3-course meal.

The night began with a team coach trip from Derby over to Nottingham. Upon our arrival, we were seated at our tables where we awaited the first race to begin whilst eating our starters. We were then ready to place our bets. There seemed to be two methods of betting employed by the CoMech team.

The first method, and most studious, was to study the track form guide intensely. A few members of the CoMech team decided to place their bets based on the wide range of information provided in the night's race guide. Scientifically trying to work out exactly which dog was going to win. The team employed a range of algorithms which including form, trap number, race class, dog age etc in the hope that they would back the winner.

Whereas the majority of the CoMech team used the tried and trusted method of novice dog race betting. This involved the very the scientific methods of close your eyes and point and pick, or by picking a dog’s name that meant something personal to them, the colour of the jacket the dog was wearing or finally just picking dog number three for all twelve races!

Both methods the team employed produced some winners, but unfortunately none of the team are going to be taking early retirement!

The night proved to be a brilliant success and we thank Nottingham Greyhound Racecourse for their wonderful hospitality and the CoMech team will definitely be back for another night of racing.

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