Why is Metrology Important?

Posted on 11th June 2019

However, in this article, we will be explaining why metrology is used and why it is important. Metrology does not apply to calibration alone; it can be applied to anything that involves measurement. In our articles beforehand, we described that the science surrounding measurement has been in existence for thousands of years. We have come an immensely long way since then, in terms of time and technology. As technology has advanced, so have our methods, policies, procedures and even the foundation of measurements themselves with the redefinition of the SI units.

Metrology and measurement are within virtually every aspect of our lives, whether we know it or not. As technology is constantly evolving around us, calibration laboratories such as CoMech Metrology must follow suit and persevere.

The Importance of Measuring Up

On a wider scope, metrology and measurement are used to test and develop products we use – some of which we take for granted. From computers to cars, the production of items follows set rules which should conform to the relevant safety standards. This is no different for calibrations of equipment types. Put it this way, you would think twice about boarding a plane if the tools involved in making the plane had not been checked correctly.

To calibrate a piece of equipment, CoMech must conform to all the required standards set by the various bodies within the industry, such as UKAS.

Our entire business and core values are built upon precision and accuracy. Correctly calibrated items have a knock-on effect throughout the supply chain in various industries. For example, thanks to the calibration, maintenance and repair services we provide to key names within the rail industry, we help keep trains running properly on our rail network.

By having these up-to-date standards in place, CoMech Metrology are continuously providing customers and suppliers equipment, with a traceability back to the defined International System of Units of measurement.

Calibration and Traceability

The traceability chain refers to the process and ‘chain’ concerning the calibration of equipment. CoMech forms an important part of this traceable chain as we perform regular calibrations on various equipment types including electrical, mechanical, MiniProf, dimensional and more in accordance to UKAS’ ISO 17025 standard. Our part within the traceability chain is from listing test results within a calibration certificate while basing our measurements to the International System of Units.

Traceability is an important factor that calibration laboratories must adhere to and we pride ourselves on the scope of accreditation and knowledge we possess when calibrating equipment daily on a global scale.

There are numerous elements that make a calibration laboratory such as CoMech traceable, including uncertainty budgets, documentation and procedures. In our next article, we will be exploring the topic surrounding traceability in further detail.

To find out more about what we can calibrate for you and the specific standards we adhere to, please contact sales@comech.co.uk or telephone 01332 867700.

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