CoMech to Release New Version of Asset Management Software

Posted on 7th May 2019

Alongside showcasing Greenwood Engineering’s MiniProf instruments, we will be presenting our latest version of our technically advanced TrackRecordPro asset management system to the thousands of expected visitors at this year’s Railtex event.

Following the success of our TrackIt and TrackRecordPro software suites, we are extremely pleased to announce that CoMech Metrology will be releasing a new and updated version of TrackRecordPro very soon.

The existing industry-compliant and cloud-based software have been given a complete makeover. TrackRecordPro has been remodelled to offer existing and new customers a streamlined experience for managing their quantities of assets. The updated version of TrackRecordPro has been specifically designed to help a wide variety of businesses across the country to manage and control the maintenance, upgrades and replacements of their assets, no matter the type. This is achieved by providing businesses with a user-friendly interface that can be easily managed, along with advanced and up-to-date status reports.

You can access TrackRecordPro at any time, in any place to fit around your day-to-day schedule. The only requirement this system needs is a smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection for online access.

This innovative system is packed with countless features that would greatly benefit any business. One example includes the ability to add delivery notes to jobs, which can then be exported in a PDF format. Details regarding collections can also be updated with an asset’s record and printed off.

An exciting addition to this universal system is the new barcode scanning feature, which enables businesses to use their Android devices (or suitable barcode scanner) to scan an asset’s barcode for searching within their asset database on TrackRecordPro.

TrackRecordPro is suitable for any business to use, regardless of its size. You can add a multitude of users to a single account, where they can then take advantage of the instant messaging function this system has to offer. Colleagues from opposite ends of a business can discuss and tag their assets accordingly, keeping everyone up to date without the need to chase individuals for information on specific assets.

TrackRecordPro is developed and maintained in-house at CoMech Metrology where we provide full training and support to all users. We have an ever-growing number of valued clients who are utilising TrackRecordPro to its full potential, providing them with the tools they need to maximise productivity while minimising costs.

Here at CoMech Metrology, we can offer our clients a range of flexible plans suitable for any budget. Currently, our most popular choice is just £27.00 per month, which includes access for 50 users, an unlimited amount of assets and full API access. With a range of packages suitable for every business’s budget and needs, TrackRecordPro can really help keep you up to date with your assets.

If you’d like to try TrackRecordPro before committing to purchasing, then try out this system for 30 days COMPLETELY FREE. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, click here.

For any further information regarding TrackRecordPro, send your questions and queries to our friendly and helpful team at

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