24-hour CoMech Cycling Charity Challenge To Raise Money For The Royal School For The Deaf Derby

Posted on 29th March 2018

The CoMech staff cycled 670km in 24-hours to raise as much money as possible for the pupils at the Royal School for the Deaf Derby. The challenge to ride the old Flying Scotsman route of 628km from London Kings Cross Station to Edinburgh was achieved in 22 hours and 18 mins. With rider's from Vitus Pro Cycling Team & University of Derby Cycling Club, the event was a huge success with over £1700 raised for the school. 


Here’s how it started…

In 2017, staff from CoMech Metrology Ltd attended the annual Rail Dinner at the Roundhouse in Derby.   

Guest speaker Helen Shepherd, Head Teacher at the Royal School for the Deaf Derby, gave an inspiring speech about the school and explained that the school uses vital funds raised from charitable events to buy equipment to benefit the children with their learning.  

After hearing Helen’s speech, representatives from CoMech visited the school and met staff and students. Motivated to increase awareness and raise funds for the school we planned a 24-hour sponsored bike ride on the 15th March 2018 and followed the old Flying Scotsman route London Kings Cross to Edinburgh, aiming for a minimum total of 628km.

The challenge…

The challenge began at 12:00 pm on the 15th of March, starting from the virtual starting point of Kings Cross station heading for the town of Cambridge. The challenge was launched by CoMech’s new partnership with the UCI Europe Tour team Vitus Pro Cycling, team manager Cherie Pridham and her Latvian rider Deins Kanepejs, Spanish rider Julio Amores and English rider Adam Kenway took up the challenge for the first 2 hours to help eradicate as many kilometres from the challenge as possible.

As the hours ticked by, so did the kilometres with the team passing significant stations along the route such as Newark North Gate and York. The CoMech staff from every department of the business including Administration; Technicians; IT; Accounts; Purchasing and Management each took on hour slots and dug in to bring Edinburgh closer with each pedal rotation.

The day also saw rider Ed O’Connell from the University of Derby Cycling Club, come along to the challenge and ride for an hour to help the team get closer to the 628km total.

The night shift team then began the difficult task of riding through the night to bring the goal of 628km ever closer. As the stations on the Flying Scotsman route were passed, the early morning CoMech riders knew that the 628km goal was achievable and turned up the watts crossing the Scottish border.

After a gruelling 22 hours and 18 minutes of continuous pedalling, the goal of completing 628km and reaching Edinburgh was achieved by the team. The team continued to ride until 12:00 pm to ensure the full 24 hours were completed. The final total the team reached in 24-hours was a colossal 670km. 

The bike ride took place in the CoMech offices at Derwent House, Rail Technology Centre, London Road, Derby, on a stationary Vitus Zenium bike and turbo trainer. 

Royal School for The Deaf Derby Pupils

The brilliant pupils from the Royal School for The Deaf Derby, came along to the day to cheer on the CoMech staff and meet the riders from Vitus Pro Cycling Team.

As part of the day, the CoMech staff challenged the children with an engineering challenge to build the most massive tower possible to hold an un-boiled egg, using only newspaper and masking tape. The teams of two took on the challenge with great vigour built some fantastic towers. Unfortunately, only one tower managed to hold the un-boiled egg! 


Bake Sale at Rail Technology Centre (RTC)

On the day of the start of the event, the CoMech staff organised a brilliant bake sale in the reception of Derwent House at the Rail Technology Centre in Derby. It was fantastic to see so many technologies and engineering business in the buildings come and support the event and buy some cake. The bake sale raised an unbelievable £296 pounds for the charity.

Money raised

The event has raised a brilliant £1,715.00 so far with donations still arriving at the JustGiving page. Every member of the CoMech team would personally like to thank every person who has so generously donated.

Big thank you

CoMech’s staff would like to thank the following business for their invaluable support and generosity in supporting the challenge:

Vitus Bikes – supplying the fantastic Vitus Zenium Bike and Turbo Trainer for the event. Find out more about the bike: http://vitusbikes.com/products/zenium-sl-vr-disc-2018/

Simply Uniform – supplying all riders on the team with some brilliant t-shirts. http://simplyuniform.co.uk/

Gather and Gather at Rail Technology Centre, London Road – arranging an excellent location for the RSDD pupils and staff to take on the engineering challenge.

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