Turning to Enscite experts helped us flourish

Posted on 17th November 2017

Working alongside Enscite has speeded up the development of logistics and lean processes for CoMech Metrology. Our MD Keith Pallett has produced the article below in conjunction with Enscite, explaining how the business has worked with Enscite to meet and exceeded the company’s ambitious growth goals.



Turning to Enscite experts helped us flourish

Keith Pallett is managing director of Derby-based CoMech, specialist in the calibration, development and design, manufacture and supply of safety-critical measurement equipment including gauges, calibration equipment, service and repairs.

The company’s roots are firmly in the rail industry but it also provides measurement solutions to the automotive, aerospace and general engineering sectors here in the UK, Europe and Asia.

If you want to grow your business then you really need to talk to experts.

With that in mind, I would recommend Enscite, the support organisation for companies in the transport equipment manufacturing supply chain.

I guarantee you will push through your glass ceiling if you invest time with them.

Our business had reached that barrier, time was against us, our plans were in place and, with contracts won, so engaging with Enscite provided the facility for both short and long-term development and investment, removing the pressure of time.

With our growth we had quickly run out of capacity needed more equipment, more space for the equipment and more staff.

Our planned growth began nice and gently but it quickly became exponential. Therefore, we were right in the process of looking at investment, people and buildings in order to keep the business moving. The big issue we had in terms of solving our problems was time.

Enscite came in to talk to us and enabled us to look short-term and long-term, examining systems, logistics, finance, equipment and people.

Meanwhile, the people in the business could keep on looking after the day-to-day needs and our growth continued.

By the end of that process, we had a new additional building, a logistics plan and finance in place. We also had new equipment arriving and we had been invited to new arenas where we could recruit staff and develop relationships with a number of Universities.

The impetus created by the guys at Enscite enabled us to move forward.

The return on Enscite investment resulted in a doubling of staff an increase of 20% growth year on year and a positive contribution into the local economy through increased employment and local investment.

Enscite may be part-funded by the Government but it is not just about providing cash investment  it’s much more than that, Enscite is about providing the links with a vast array of skilled people most SME’s would not have the time to. 

Enscite 2 has been more strategic so we are now looking beyond our initial phase by working with them and the University of Derby on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

The university is doing research and design work for us and we have also looked at Human Resources because we had grown so much we did not have people with the necessary HR skills.

We weren’t acting corporately and we knew we had to change Enscite introduced us to professionals who could help us with HR. Now we have staff incentive schemes, Pension plans and staff development structures in place. The company has been transformed in terms of looking after its people.

Through Enscite, we have had a whole variety of people work with us from professors, doctors of physics and law and even one who mathematically modelled our business.

Our relationship with highly skilled academics has opened out our network. So much so, that I have spoken to politicians, foreign dignitaries and students about the opportunities our business has experienced.

You can get money anywhere but this was about networking, fast-tracking and time.

Also, through Enscite, we have had the chance of bringing in people from the university to look after projects.

The skill we learned was how, strategically, to place business with those who could deliver and knew how to deliver.

I would certainly recommend Enscite 2 but would add the caveat that companies need to be ready for the help on offer.

The Enscite team adds great value but business has to be able to deliver their plans and that requires time management which is not always easy but needs to be done.

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