HAVi Technologies Partnership

HAVi Technologies

CoMech is delighted to announce our new partnership with HAVi Technologies, enabling us to bring our customers a whole life solution for Hand Arm Vibration Testing. 

HAVi Technologies is a leading specialist in Hand Arm Vibration Solutions and Services. They create innovative solutions that help employees work safely and promote Health & Safety compliance within organisations. Through their latest technology and insight-driven analytics, the HAVi Integrated Solution will identify the current and emerging HAVs risks in your business, allowing you to protect your employees. 

Offering real-time alerts of exposure breaches, HAVi’s intelligent solutions allow you to record and keep a permanent cloud-based report of both tool and operative performance. By attaching the trigger time to the tool and the operative wearing the watch, this accumulates points throughout the employees working day, allowing them to actively monitor their risk. Whilst abiding with the HSE Guidelines and giving you peace of mind knowing your employees are in safe hands whilst using HAVi Integrated Solution. 

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Hand Arm Vibration Testing with CoMech

CoMech technicians with the competency for HAV Testing have attended an IOSH accredited HAV Risk Assessment and Management course and are qualified to conduct the testing.

Our HAV experts will test and analyse the tools your employees are using to protect them from over-exposure, by using an accelerometer that will read the vibration output in three different directions. Using the different outputs as well as the official HSA vibration calculation process, it calculates a safe level of use for the tool. 

Once completed, we give you, our customer, an in-depth HAV report. This isn’t just a pass or fail, it’s a clear recommended daily usage, as well as marking the tool with a colour-coded label and readings. 

We make monitoring and preventing overexposure to vibrating tools a breeze. CoMech work with you and your operatives to make everything a smooth and easy process. 

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